What's New
Updated on 2022/01/22

Version 1.0

Early access of premium features:

  • Feature: Add pagination for issues, pull requests and discussions.

Version 0.9

The most requested feature when displaying on big screen:

  • Feature: Resize sidebar.

Version 0.8

Fix various bugs after GitHub get updated:

  • Feature: Add discussion tab.
  • Fix bug: Load file tree.
  • Fix bug: Display color.

Version 0.7

User can now drag and drop to reorganize their bookmarks:

  • Feature: Organize repository bookmarks.

Version 0.6

More organization features for the sidebar:

  • Feature: Add pin button.
  • Setting: Hover to activate (when unpin).

Version 0.5

Various improvements on the usability:

  • Feature: Switch branches and tags.
  • Feature: Fuzzy search for code tree.
  • Improvement: Refactor UI to keep the layout stable.