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Frequently Asked Questions
Updated on 2022/06/01

What is the name OctoX?

GitHub's mascot is Octocat, a cute animal with the body of a octopus and the face of a cat. And in our turn, OctoX means "extending Octocat", which is what we are focusing on: improving your experience on GitHub.

Which browsers are supported?

Currently, OneSidebar is supported in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Other browsers may be supported in the future.

Please let us know if your favorite browser is not supported. We'll consider supporting it when there are enough interested users.

I subscribed. How to enable Premium?

After subscribing successfully, you can enable Premium in the settings page. Click the "Login with GitHub" button then sign in to your GitHub account.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

How about my data on GitHub?

I have no interest in your data at all. As developers, we all respect privacy and data. So no tracking code. No Google Analytics. Nothing is sent out of your browser from the extension. Your access tokens, your code, your discussions, all stay inside your browser. Your bookmarks stay within your browser account.

When you login for more advanced features, we only use your GitHub id and username to verify the license. Read more about our Privacy Policy .

How much does the browser extension cost?

You can use the browser extension for free as long as you like. When you need more advanced features, please consider purchasing a license at $5/month (annual subscription). Read more at Pricing .

Does it support GitHub Enterprise?

Currently, we have no insight for GitHub Enterprise structure and how to support them (since we do not use them). Please help us understand GitHub Enteprise and provide the best support for you. In return, you will get a premium license for 03 years.

I found some bug.

We are working our best to deliver the best experience for users. Please keep in mind that GitHub are changing from time to time. And the browser extension needs constantly updates to keep it compatible with GitHub structure.

If you find any bug or weird behavior or want to suggest a new feature, feel free to contact us at any time.